About the LIC

The Longbranch Improvement Club was formed in 1921 “to encourage any activity for the betterment of Schools, Home making, Roads, Marketing, Dairy, Poultry and all its branches”. Today, the LIC continues to serve the community with thousands of hours of volunteer enthusiasm.  As the social hub for south Peninsula community, membership is open to all and it’s a wonderful way to meet everyone, stay in touch and contribute.  Become more involved and help our community!  Click on our ‘Get Involved’ tab above or come toa meeting to learn more.  You are always welcome!



To foster a sense of community.


Provide an opportunity for the community to meet, interact and work together for mutual benefit.

Core Values

  • Welcoming Spirit
  • Stewardship
  • Generosity
  • Volunteerism
  • Goodwill

Strategic Anchors

What We Do

The LIC offers marine facilities to visiting boaters to enhance recreational opportunities in the South Sound area. It has planned investment for improved public safety and recreation facilities at the Marina and is considering the potential expansion of moorage space allowed by its DNR lease and Pierce County.

Moorage income from members and the general public will continue to support the LIC’s activities and public service projects. Rental income from the building and grounds is projected to increase through improved marketing.

As good stewards of our historic Clubhouse, the LIC is raising funds to reroof and restore the building to its original rustic glory. Building operation, and renovation, will be funded in part by rental income from weddings, private parties, reunions and family celebrations as well as reduced-rate rentals to non-profit organizations for their own fund-raising events.

Recent improvements on the LIC’s 7+ acres of wooded land have added a nature walk and retreat for visitors, with design and implementation coordinated by Tim Larson, as part of his Eagle Scout project. The softball field has been restored, spearheaded by the LIC with muscle and impetus provided by Troop 248 Eagle Scout, Charlie Boyd, as his community service project.

The Longbranch Improvement Club, founded in 1921 for the betterment of the community, earns its middle name each year anew as its 200 members provide service, support and leadership to its community.

Our History

The Beginning

On December 10, 1921, shortly before the first paved county road came through, the Longbranch Improvement Club (LIC) was incorporated to “purchase real estate for recreation and for a consolidated school.” The club purchased ten acres adjacent to the new road and, in the following year, cleared and leveled an area between a salmon-running stream and the new highway.

In Longbranch, as in much of rural America in the 1920’s, baseball was a popular social event, bridging religious and language differences of immigrant settlers, and a welcome diversion from endless labor. Each community fielded a team—the Longbranch team quickly became the pride of the Peninsula.