April 10:  Brighter Futures Auction for Education
Kicking off the Centennial Year is The Longbranch Foundation’s biennial charity auction.  This will be a virtual auction benefitting the ongoing benefitting the ongoing scholastic philanthropy of The Longbranch Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit extension of the LIC.


May 19:  Centennial Stories
At the May Member Meeting current LIC members will interview some of our long term members about their recollections of special times and events on the South Key Peninsula and at the LIC.  This will be the first of a two-part series.   The public is Welcome.


June 16:  Centennial Stories Part 2
At the June Member Meeting, Centennial Stories will continue with citizen memories of the fun and eventful history of the South KP and the LIC.  Both of these Member Meeting “Centennial Stories” sessions will be recorded on video, so they can be viewed either “lie” in face=to-face meetings or in virtual zoom meetings.  The public is welcome.


July 17:  Centennial Marina Day
The Virginia V, “an icon of maritime history” is still coming to Longbranch Marina, and tickets for the morning cruise from Tacoma to Longbranch including bus ride and box lunch will be available.  However, due to on-going concerns regarding Covid-19 restrictions and protocols, what was a 2-day event will now be limited to 1 day, July 17.  That afternoon starting at 2pm there will be live music and fun activities, including a beer garden, at the LIC.  Parking and tickets for Virginia V dockside tours will be at the LIC.  With a ticket you will board a shuttle to the marina for a tour and afterwards the shuttle will return you to the LIC parking lot.  So, join us to celebrate the LIC and the Longbranch Marina’s place in the history of the South KP.


August 14-15:  Centennial Weekend
This special weekend will feature lots of old-fashioned fun at the LIC.  Saturday will have an LIC sponsored outdoor BBQ and Picnic.  There will be races and contests including a two day whiffle Ball tournament on the old diamond.  There’ll be a Saturday night dance with music performed by local fiddlers.  Sunday there will be a fabulous LIC Brunch, and the weekend will wrap up with an Antique Car Show on the LIC grounds.


September 15:  Centennial History
The LIC Member Meeting will feature a presentation by Polly Robinson, our new LIC Historian, about the history of the South Key Peninsula and LIC.  The public is welcome.



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The Calendar of Centennial events will be updated throughout the year as events may be impacted by the pandemic.