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The Longbranch Marina is near the southern end of Key Peninsula in Pierce county, on Filucy Bay, latitude N. 47° 12’ 56”, longitude W 122° 45’ 28” The marina offers 760 feet of public moorage with basic amenities: fresh water, electrical hookups, toilets and garbage disposal. A covered area makes a good gathering place, storm curtains can be lowered in inclement weather. Guest moorage is first-come, first-served, advance notification for groups is requested. Daily moorage is $1.10/foot, electrical hookups included.

Contact the Dockmaster, Katie, email us or call (253) 202-2056.

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Guest moorage at the Longbranch Marina is on a space-available basis. We cannot take reservations. Please keep this in mind when making your plans. We will do our best to accommodate all boaters, and stern-tying is often required on busy days or weekends. We appreciate notification of upcoming visits and can post these on the calendar as a planning tool only.



The Longbranch Marina has just completed an important electrical upgrade.  The upgrade included putting new GFCI protection on every outlet in the marina that vessels connect to for power.  These new breakers will detect any difference between the amount of electricity flowing into a circuit and the amount flowing out.  If the breaker detects a difference of at least 30 (.030) milliamps (which is the new National Electrical Code standard) it will shut off the circuit.

If the breaker protecting your outlet keeps shutting off, your vessel is leaking electricity and the breaker detected that leak.  You will not be able to successfully connect to the outlet and get power until the leakage is found and corrected, or at least isolated.  If you cannot connect, you may need to run a generator.

There are multiple reasons why a vessel may not be able to connect successfully.  The main reason is faulty wiring onboard, such as the common and ground wires tied together.  Other issues could include timing issues with automatically transferring inverters, or faulty equipment such as a battery charger or hot water heater.


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